ERR 3500R20

The EcoWater Systems ERR 3000 is more than a water softener, more than a conditioner and more than a water filter. It's a water refining system designed specifically for municipal water applications. It will clean, soften, filter and reduce chlorine taste and odor in your water. This comprehensive, state-of-the-art water treatment system features an internal computer that monitors the amount of water you use and prompts system regeneration for actual and predicted future use.

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The demand regeneration technology with advanced electronic memory regenerates only as needed. And the programmed memory can be overridden to regenerate more frequently in the event of house guests or sudden, temporary increases in water use.

This industry-leading product also features an advanced monitor so you can check the status of your ERR 3500 water refiner from anywhere in your home. A remote flashes to alert you when salt or service is needed, ensuring that you and your family always have clean, conditioned water available.

The EcoWater Water Refining System® combines the benefits of water conditioning and carbon filtration in a single-tank cabinet style. This water treatment system is highly recommended for those on a municipal water supply. To determine which system is right for you, consider the amount of space you want the system to take, plus the water hardness capacity required in your home.

Features of the ERR 3500 Series:

  • Exclusive remote monitor with HydroLink® communications technology provides a portable and convenient way to monitor the product performance and water usage.
  • Provides whole home carbon filtration without the inconvenience or expense of changing filters.
  • Eco-friendly water system regenerates only as needed.
  • Patented remote diagnostic system means we can diagnose the system from a remote location.
  • 72 hour power back up.
  • System automatically adjusts settings when used with potassium chloride or if iron is present in the water.
  • Features a 1" valve for plumbing up to 1-½".
  • Energy efficient 24V transformer.
  • Certified for the removal of Barium and Radium.