Long Island Water Services Reviews & Testimonials

"This may be the easiest letter I have ever had to write.  The hardest part will be where to start.  Long Island Water Services is a courteous, professional and superbly qualified organization.  I feel that in choosing to purchase and EcoWater system, we have made a lifelong partnership as well as new friends."

- Jonathan, Oak Beach NY

"When I have overnight guests who shower at my home, they inevitably ask what kind of soap I buy, because they notice a difference after just one shower.  When I tell them that it is the water, they don’t believe it until they use the same soap at home without the same effect.  This product pays for itself since I no longer need all of the expensive skin care products."

- Monique, Amityville NY

"I am writing to inform you that Doreen and I are extremely satisfied with the water conditioning system you installed in our home.  We feel totally confident with the quality of our water which is very import to us in lieu of the cancer scare surrounding Long Island water."

- William & Doreen, Lake Grove NY

"We have noticed a tremendous difference in our water quality.  Having this system is the best and healthiest decision we have ever made.  I wish I had known about it sooner because we definitely would have put it in sooner."

- Debra, Manorville NY

"Having the peace of mind that the water we use for bathing and washing is free of contaminants has been terrific. In addition, we love having the reverse osmosis system in our kitchen, which has not only made it more convenient, but it has also saved us plenty of money as we no longer purchase bottled water. "

- Judd, Great Neck NY

"My in-laws are very negative and do not trust many people.  They had been staying at my house for a couple of months beginning just before the system was installed.  One week later, my mother in law told me that she could drink out of the bathroom sink for the first time since we moved in.  My father in law told me that his coffee definitely had a better taste to it.  They are very reluctant to admit such things since they thought we were wasting our money.  They have both told us a number of times that what we did had really made a difference."

- Bruce, Huntington NY

"This past weekend I was reminded of one of the problems with the water in this area.  I had a new liner installed in my swimming pool and I filled it with water from an outdoor spigot, which bypasses the water system.  The water in the pool was a light rust color, which is caused by iron in the water.  I had to add chemicals to clear the water.  This is the same water that I was drinking, bathing and washing my clothes in prior to installing this system."

- David, Bay Shore NY

"We recently vacationed at a renowned family resort in Vermont, where water purity is said to surpass most areas and was amazed at the inferior taste as well as our inability to produce lather from the sopa and shampoo!  Long Island Water Services provided congenial sales information as well as efficient installation and reliable follow-up."

- James, East Islip NY

"The results have been dramatic.  The first test was making coffee, which tasted great.  The shower no longer shows signs of staining and when taking a shower, the water feels soft.  In washing our clothes, the materials feel much softer without using softeners during the wash cycle.  The water we drink from our dedicated faucet tastes great and having young children who drink a lot of water, we are confident we did the right thing for the health of our family.  We highly recommend this system."

- Ron & Cathy, Sayville NY

"The system does everything as promised and more.  The difference in my skin, clothes, and the cleanliness of my home is very noticeable.  The peace of mind that comes from having clean water come out of my faucet when I bathe my children is worth every penny."

- John, Holbrook NY

"For as long as I can remember, whenever I shaved my face my skin would get red and irritated.  With the EcoWater system, my rash has totally disappeared and my skin has never looked so good."

- Andrew, Smithtown NY

"It gives us a feeling of reassurance that we are drinking and bathing in clean, healthy water.  WE never realized how bad the water was until we switched."

- Diane & Bernie, Commack NY

"Your company has been most knowledgeable and patient with our many questions.  Your serviceman was thorough and complete with the installation.  Thank you for your compassion and care to bring clean water to the Long Island are."

- Bernie & Evie, Freeport NY

"Not only are our clothes cleaner, our skin is softer too.  I can tell the moment I drink or use the water that the system is at work.  I don’t know how we ever lived without it.   I was pretty skeptical about not using bleach, but it really works!  Thanks again.  I’ve never consumed so much water in my life!"

- Donna, Islip NY

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